Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Bullet in the Back of God

This one is political feel free to skip it if you want The murder of Walter L. Scott was a crime on us all. The system, the system by which we survive, by which society is allowed to grow and thrive, is a good system, and the most important part of it is the police. The police allow us to put aside the eye for eyes, to beat our swords into plowshares, to live by love, trusting that when things go wrong a dispassionate third party exists to sort things out. This has allowed violence to drop to its lowest point in the entire course of human history. We truly live in a beautiful time, and police, courts, elected officials, and every other part of our system allows for that. The system works by working for all, and if it doesn’t, becomes useless for all. The man who murdered Walter L. Scott took eight shots not just at the man but at the system, and in turn all of us. One shot rang out, it tore through Walter L. Scott’s back, and it ripped through our lies. Another shot rang out, the bullet puncturing Walter’s side, and it put a tear through our trust. A third shot rang out, it whizzed over Walter’s head putting at risk everyone in the neighborhood and everyone in the country. The murderer’s gun sang a fourth time. This bullet entered Walter’s arm, exited his hands. He would never hold his children again. We lost grip on our children’s future. A fifth shot missed again, digging itself in the wall of a nearby building as it dug itself into the foundations of our laws. The gun was fired again and Walter fell to the ground no place left to run. Hopefully we can no longer evade the truth. A seventh shot again in the back, tracing old lines from years of beatings and abuse, the racism that is part of all of our skin no matter how much we deny it. The eighth brutal shot flew from the murderer’s gun. It silenced his heart and made all of ours scream, and left a bullet hole in the back of God. Walter was murdered that day. Along with his death, our system and our society was wounded. Death’s grasp on the individual is strong, but we are stronger together. As a society we can heal the wound, we can become whole again, though the scars must remain to remind us. We can emerge stronger and better, but Walter is still dead and his family will still grieve, and that is a horror and a tragedy.

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