Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Working Their Way Out of the Dark

*Google image search When was the last time you watched the stars burn at night? Stood far out past the immaterial canopy of head lights, LEDS, and 60 watt bulbs? Out past the glow of the universe we have built for ourselves and held your gaze deep into the blackened world beyond that veil? The world where eternal points still burn. I rarely get the chance to see the stars, but when I do I watch them with the zeal of a convert. It is amazing how the longer a person looks at the sky allowing their eyes to adjust to the infinity of space, the more the brilliant points of light slither their way through the inky void and into perception. It is as if they know you’re looking. Ancient universes of indescribable power and beauty find a new home in the watching eye, given new birth in the gaze of the beholder, working their way out of the dark. In these moments, the night sky opens its gates and its treasures spill out. Truly looking at the life of another is not unlike gazing at the stars. Seeing past the clouds of ourselves and our hang ups, looking past the dark night of our prejudice and pain, our distractions and diversions to see the bits of beauty and light in another life poking through. What does it mean to be the last to see the simmering beauty of another life? The last to perceive the points of light that pierce the night sky of the dying’s existence. It is there in the revealed glow of another we meet the divine. In the light of the other, we touch that which is beyond ourselves. When we spend our time truly looking at the other, allowing the light of their life to tear the veil that separates us, when they enter our hearts, it is there we gaze on the very face of God, and our task becomes our blessing.

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